Profile of P Sivan Pillai (1942-1994)
“If I die, my family alone will suffer. But, if I fear to die, 32000 families of Station Maters will suffer” (Before the commencement of the Indefinite Fast at New Delhi in 1987)

P Sivan Pillai was born on 03-05-1942 to Shri Parameswaran Pillai and Smt Kamamlakshi Amma. His father ran a ration shop. Sivan Pillai was the fifth of their 10 children of 6 boys and 4 girls. He went to the local school –
Avittam Thirunal High School Mankombu – and passed out his SSLC in 1958 with flying colours. The family was very modest and unsophisticated and therefore his first priority was finding a job. Accordingly, he received a job – an LDC in the statistical department – under the state government of Keralm. That was in 1962.

But, Sivan Pillai was a man of insatiable curiosity. He was always keeping some burning embers for the latest knowledge in his heart. Therefore he got his job changed as a Station Master in 1964. Sivan Pillai’s initial appointment was as an LR ASM at Madurai Station (MDU).

Sivan Pillai got married to Smt. Lalitha Bai, daughter of Shri Vasudeva Panicker and Smt Janaki Amma on 13-9-1968. Later he was transferred to Kollam (QLN) again as an LR ASM. In spite of all these, he continued his studies as a private candidate, passing PDC in 1970. While working at Kallal station, Sivan Pillai got elected as the Divisional Secretary of AISMA of MDU Division. In 1974 he was removed from service for having participated and led the General Strike. He was reinstated only in 1977. The removal scenario repeated again in 1982 and finally for a third time on 31-03-1988.

Though Sivan Pillai’s personal life was very tumultuous with supercharged association activities, the burning desire of conquering the Everest of knowledge and wisdom made him receive MA in Political Science from the University of Mysore in 1984 and LLB Degree in 1989. The life was too miserable during those days. But he continued his relentless fight for the cause of Station Masters in various capacities including as the Secretary General of AISMA. Having been removed from Railway service and also having got the Law Degree, he enrolled as a lawyer on 13-01-1990 and started practice at the Central Administrative Tribunal, Ernakulam.

The utter devotion and sacrifice, the continuous journeys he undertook and the bohemian-type culinary habits had, by this time, weakened his body beyond repair. On 25-02-1994 he was taken to Krishna Nursing Home, Ernakulam in a very critical condition where he breathed his last after some time.

His Family

Sivan Pillai and Smt Lalitha have three children. His wife is a living symbol of utter devotion and sacrifice. She had never asked for any comfort in her life. When Sivan Pillai was grossly engrossed in Association activities forgetting his family and personal matters, it was she who ran the family. Their eldest daughter is Shylaja (Mini) who is married to Mr Suresh Kumar. Their second offspring is a boy – Parameswaran – who is an engineer and married to Sreeja. Their third and last child is Maya, married to Umashankar who is a lawyer at Alapuzha.

Smt Lalitha Bai has been living in their family home at Mankombu keeping the warm memories of her courageous consort who was living embodiment of Sacrifice and Commitment to the ideals he upheld – the welfare of the whole Station Masters on the Indian Railway.

We definitely owe much to him. That indebtedness can never be put into words. Therefore, it would be a big thing if we express our indebtedness to this living symbol of P Sivan Pillai not by giving anything but at least by making a phone call and saying a word of hello. This is not a big thing our masters! Because, this is the wife of a man who lived his whole life and died for the welfare of the Station Masters.

An award was instituted by the ALL INDIA STATION MASTERS’ ASSOCIATION of Indian Railway, in memory of this visionary leader Sri. P.S. SIVAN PILLAI who steered the Association in its nascent years with courage, conviction and determination upholding the true trade union principles.

A cash award of Rs. 5000/- is bestowed for a student securing highest marks in School Final examination from GHSS, Mancombu (then, Avittam Thirunal High School- Mankombu) where a legendary leader of this Association, Sri. P.S. SIVAN PILLAI completed his school education.

This was awarded on every 25th February, to commemorate his death Anniversary, Sorry, on the day this great warrior and the legendary leader was seeded in the ground.






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