The government has restored the frozen DA & DR with effect from 01/07/2021 The date of restoration effect: From 01/07/2021 only Whereas DA&DR had been stopped from 01-01-2020 With this decision we stand to lose 18 months of this dearness benefit We have decided to demand to release the frozen arrears from 01/01/2020. Demanding to release the order for NDA to all Station masters without any ceiling limit at the earliest. We understand that the File Concerned is at its final stage Another is that today (14.07.2021) our MACP Case (UoI vs Rajkumar) came up in the Supreme Court in Virtual Hearing. Supreme Court has issued notice to UoI (Union of India ie Central Government) upon impleading by AISMA We are awaiting reply from Railway Board/UoI. In another step, we have asked the new MR for appointment in the last week of July We hope to get his communication shortly We have also represented for changing the IREM provisions about the rate of Stipend paid during the Initial Training Period and non-payment of Dress Allowance to Movement Inspectors and Traffic Inspectors and also NHA to Level-9 Beneficiaries by some divisions